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'The Bachelor' Sean Lowe Reveals his Final Choice

The Bachelor, Sean Lowe had a tough week, picking from three beautiful women, who all want to be with him. Eliminating AshLee Frazier and breaking her heart was difficult for Sean. Down to the final two women, Catherine and Lindsay, Sean took to his blog to reveal the reason he eliminated AshLee and in doing so, he may have revealed who he has chosen for the “final one.”

Sean talks about how he is looking for a best friend in a wife. He also said, “I want to create a home full of laughter and I need to share my life with someone who is adventurous. And as much as I wanted that person to be AshLee, I knew that it wasn’t.” Sean is looking for friendship, laughter and adventure. Three qualities that AshLee didn’t hold. AshLee was a lot more intense than the other finalists but she is also older, wiser and knows what she wants from a man.

So how did Sean reveal his final pick??

In Sean’s blog where he is discussing AshLee – he throws in this couple of sentences out no where. He talks Ashlee, throws this sentence in and then back to AshLee.

“After sending Des home, I wondered if I would wake up and realize that I had made a mistake. Fortunately, that was not the case. Instead, I woke up and realized that I couldn’t get enough of Catherine. I was always so happy around her and I think despite our different lifestyles, we were actually a really good fit together. Her sense of humor, her adventurous nature and her intellect kept me wanting more.”

If Sean picked Lindsay he would not have went back to reinforce what he and Catherine have in common. Everyone has been questioning the connection between him and Catherine and he felt the need to explain himself with those couple of sentences.

What do you think? Do you agree?

Ali Fedotowsky did the same thing with one of her final blogs, when she mentioned how cute Roberto was, ultimately giving her choice away.


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