'The Bachelor' Contestant Lindzi Cox Dishes on Ben and Courtney

Have U Heard had the opportunity to participate in an interview with Lindzi Cox where she spoke about Ben and Courtney, whether she is bitter or not and of course, Ben’s hair.

When Ben’s sister and mother asked you about Courtney – you took the high road?  In talking to both Ben’s mom and sister, I said how I felt about Courtney.  I didn’t really have anything negative at all to say about her. I stated the obvious that we are very different people.

What was the biggest surprise when you watched the episodes back?  I was genuinely shocked to hear what Courtney said.

Lindzi was on Live With Kelly! where she appeared a bit bitter, Is Lindzi bitter? I’m really happy for them and I wish them nothing but the best.  Personally, I don’t like Ben’s haircut.

Do you think it’s a good thing that Ben didn’t pick you?  I think I am in a really good place now.

You stated on The Bachelor, If Ben were to pick Courtney you thought he would be a fool?  Do you still stand by that comment?  I don’t still mean what I said.  Ultimately, it’s not my place to say if they will last or not.  I wish Ben nothing but the best.

You were at the taping of After the Final Rose but they didn’t let you come out?  Ben and Courtney both came out and it was a really emotional time for them.  Ben had bigger issues to handle right and it just wasn’t the right time.  I didn’t have any pressing issues to talk to Ben about, I got my closure.

Do you feel like you got the closure as you watched the show or the night you were rejected?  I got the closure the final day.  He was honest, telling me he loved someone else more.  At the end of the day I respect that.

A lot of the girls over the course of the season have come off as “glad” they didn’t make it to the end?    Hindsight is a beautiful thing and I am really happy with the way things ended.  I think he came off pretty well in the situation he was in.  Things worked out the way things were supposed to work out.

Would you be open to giving Ben another chance?  I don’t know….if he didn’t know for sure about me then, he wouldn’t know now.

Have you spoken to Ben or Courtney since Switzerland?  No.

Would you consider being the next bachelorette?  Given the opportunity, I would strongly consider it.

You’ve had two very public break ups?  Which was more difficult to handle? Any time you get your heart invested in a relationship, they are both difficult.  I was able to bounce back from being broken up with on national tv quicker.

What did you learn about men from this experience?  Laughing she said, “men like naked girls and skinny dipping.”  I’ve learned to be more open and communicate more.


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