'The Bachelor' Ben Flajnik Defends Courtney Robertson

The Bachelor Ben Flajnik has got it bad.  Really bad for his “alleged” fiancée, Courtney Robertson.

Ben took to his blog to comment on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All where he spoke about Courtney saying,

Believe me, I appreciate what she did by coming on “Women Tell All” and apologizing for her actions and it seemed genuine to me. I’m glad there was some sort of resolution with the women because it needed to happen. To see an emotional side of this woman was a good thing and it makes her feel like she is human, and a softer, sweeter side is shown. It’s a side that I saw throughout the journey that no one else did.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say the part of the quote I put in bold is an error on Ben’s part like his choice .  Either that or Courtney confessed to him after filming the special that she is actually feeling more human than her usual robotic self.

Ben claims to have seen this “softer, sweeter” side throughout the show.  I think seeing her naked (while skinny dipping) is really the only thing he could have possibly seen.

What do you think about Ben’s statements?


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