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Kate Moss and Druggie Ex-Boyfriend Snub Each Other on Plane

What's worse than a long, boring, cramped international flight? A long, boring, cramped international flight with your ex-boyfriend sitting 10 feet away.

Via the San Francisco Chronicle:

Kate Moss was left cringing on a flight to Ibiza, Spain, on Tuesday when her daughter ran over to the star's former lover, Pete Doherty, who was sat nearby, according to a report.

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The Babyshambles rocker was heading to the Ibiza Rocks festival and, coincidentally, was on the same flight out of the U.K. as the supermodel, who he dated between 2005 and 2007. And the musician was left red-faced when Moss' young daughter, Lila, came running over to say hello, according to Britain's The Sun.

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A source tells the publication, "Lila was excited because she hadn't seen Pete for ages. She was calling her mom over but Kate and Pete stayed in their seats and just acknowledged each other. They both looked extremely uncomfortable and spent the whole flight trying not to catch each other's eyes. When the flight landed Kate was ushered off and they did not speak."

What are the odds that you'd run into your ex while on a long international flight? Probably pretty damn good when you're both wealthy drug addicts who can't resist the siren's call of one of the world's premier party islands. A much more surprising story would have been if these two had run into each other at Rehab . . . I hear that place charges like $17 a drink. Highway robbery!

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