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'Avatar' Director James Cameron Hates Twitter, Cell Phones (Video)

Director James Cameron has made technologically groundbreaking movies, from "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" to "Avatar," but he hates Twitter, Facebook and cell phones.

During a recent interview to plug his new documentary "Deepsea Challenge 3D," which is about ocean exploration, Cameron unloaded on people who are addicted to smartphones (video below).

"I was the first person I knew to have a cell phone in my car in 1983," Cameron told USA Today. "At that point it was intriguing. Now I just see it as a ball and chain. I don't want to be that available to the world. I don't want to share every single thing I do. I look around the airport, and every single person is oblivious to the world around them.

"They don't live in the moment," Cameron added. "I've made a conscious choice to not spend all my time... looking down at a device. I refuse to do it. So there you have it. I'm a Luddite. But I'm a high-tech Luddite."

Cameron also expressed his disdain for Twitter.

"I hate it," stated the director. "I hate everyone else's tweets, too. They're boring. What can you say in 140 characters? I can't even clear my throat in 140 characters. I don't even have a Facebook account."

However, Cameron does seem to be okay with selfies-underwater ones, at least.

"We had a camera on the outside that could turn around and do a selfie on the sub... I'm operating that with a joystick. Then there's another 3-D camera on the manipulator arm so I could poke it out there and get it close to little creatures and things we'd find on the bottom."

For "Deepsea Challenge 3D," Cameron and his team spent seven years building a submarine with 3D cameras that was able to dive 36,000 feet into the ocean and withstand the pressure.

“I’m just a very curious person, I guess,” Cameron told Entertainment Weekly Radio. “It’s what attracts me to science, to engineering. I like to build things and see if they work. I get as much of a charge out of building the machines as I do out of operating them.”

Sources: Entertainment Weekly Radio, USA Today


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