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Autumn Erhard Becomes 2nd Million Dollar Winner on Wheel of Fortune

One California woman was ecstatic enough to just be on the Wheel of Fortune show, but her excitement turned into complete shock when she became the second person ever to win a million dollar grand prize.

Her night seemed to have a little bit of luck already thrown in when she appeared on the show. Autumn Erhard of Laguna Niguel is 30 years old, it was the show's 30th anniversary and it was May 30.

And to have all of the variables fall into place for a million dollar win is up to luck, as it is very rare and has only happened once before. 

To win a million dollars, the contestant must land on the million dollar prize wedge during the game, and then correctly answer the question.

If they answer it, they can hold onto the wedge. If they make it through the rest of the game without hitting "bankrupt" and beat out the other two contestants to go onto the bonus round, then the $100,000 grand prize usually granted is replaced with the million dollar wedge.

Erhard was able to get to that point, and replaced the $100,000 with her $1 million wedge. But she had to first solve the final puzzle and land on the jackpot wedge when she spun.

The odds were against her, and she was left with a very ambiguous puzzle to solve, but she managed to do it.

Erhard landed on her million dollar wedge and solved the puzzle, which was "Tough Workout." The only clues provided to her was that it was a "thing" and had the letters "T, G, R, and T" in it.

"No one could believe it," Erhard said. "[My family was] just off stage and couldn't see what my prize was. They were celebrating the fact that I solved the puzzle. They kept asking me how much I won, and I had to keep repeating it because no one believed me at first."

She won, in total, $1,030,340 in cash and prizes, including trips to Belize and Arizona.

She works as a sales representative for a veterinary pharmaceutical company and her fiance works in construction. There is no word on how they plan to spend the money.

"I am in complete and utter shock," she said. "I wanted to have some fun and solve some puzzles - I feel like I'm in a dream!"

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