Australian Model Abbey Lee Kershaw Lifts Dress to Reveal "Gun Control" Written on Bare Skin

Abbey Lee Kershaw, an Australian model who’s ranked 12th on models.com’s Top 50 models, recently bared her skin and her beliefs by lifting up her dress to reveal the words “gun control.”

Kershaw had just attended the Met Gala, an annual ball that celebrates the yearly reopening of the Metropolitan Museum’s fashion exhibit. Kershaw wore a dress from fashion designer Marcus Wainright’s Rag & Bone label, but it was what was under the dress that got Internet users excited.

True to the Gala’s theme, “Punk: Chaos to Couture,” Kershaw staged a miniature protest. While at the after party, Kershaw lifted her dress long enough for a photographer to snap two photos of her “gun control” message. The thin panties, tantalizing curves, and partially bare breasts helped spread the pictures through the Twittersphere.

Wainright told reporters, “We love Abbey… She’s her own person and a free spirit which is why we chose her to come to the Met.”

The reveal was tantalizing, but it wasn’t very surprising. Faint traces of the message were visible through Kershaw’s see-through dress, along with her black panties and supermodel figure. Lifting the dress simply showed cameramen what partygoers could already see.

Kershaw certainly chose an effective way to spread her message with the world. The stunt earned a lot of press coverage, but her expertise on the gun debate (or supposed lack thereof) might prevent the message from having a meaningful impact on the current gun debate. The world of fashion isn’t exactly well known for its lobbying efforts. 

Maybe the Newtown parents could team up with Kershaw. By combining raw sex appeal with tearful speeches, they might be able to give the National Rifle Association a run for its money.

Sources: Dailymail, Fashionista


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