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Australian Condom Commercial Banned For Being Too Graphic (Video)

A “Four Seasons Condoms” commercial was banned from Australian TV for being too graphic, and has since become a viral video.

Australia’s Commercial Advice originally pulled the advertisement and asked that the sexual scenes be removed.

Since then, the company has posted the video to Youtube with the title: “See why our commercial has been banned from television.”

"To connect with the younger demographic, you need to be irreverent and entertaining,” Four Seasons founder and managing director Graham Porter said, “and to remove all sexual references in the TV ad defeats the purpose of this entire campaign.”

Porter added that the commercial was an important message on safe sex.

The ad features a young couple on the search for the ideal condom. In order to find one, the store clerk recommends they try on different kinds.

One scene shows the couple having sex while casually talking to others customers, and another scene while the woman talks to her mother over the phone.

Since it was posted, the video has accumulated 1.5 million views.

Sources: IBTimes, NY Daily News


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