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John Jarratt Supports Mel Gibson, Also Calls His Wife C-Word

John Jarratt gave an interview to The Daily Telegraph in Sydney and it is shocking. Jarratt starred with Mel Gibson in a movie way back in 1977. They have been friends ever since. Although you probably do not know who Jarratt is here, he is a fairly big star in Australia.

Anyway, he says that Oksana is disgusting, and that he has called his wife some of the same things Mel has called Oksana, and it doesn't mean anything.

"I've had a few arguments with my partner and they're not very nice, the 'C' word has been used on both sides. But no one has put that up on the internet, thankfully."

Sounds like a great guy, but it gets even better. You know when Mel told Oksana she was going to get raped and then used the N word? Well, Jarratt said he would say the same thing to his daughter.

"If my daughter went into the Outback in a pair of hot pants, I would say, 'Be careful you don't get raped by a bunch of rednecks.' That doesn't mean everyone in the Outback is a redneck. It was said in the heat of the moment."

He also says that the evil person in this whole thing is Oksana, not Mel. Mel was just drunk and did not mean any of it, while Oksana, well, "The despicable person in this is the woman, who has disgustingly taped this guy because he's extremely famous and tried to ruin his life. She has taped an argument they are having in an acrimonious split - something that happened behind closed doors - and he's been made a mockery of. It's disgusting."

If you click over to the article, make sure you read the comments.


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