Aurora Snow, Former Pornographic Actress, Tells Of "Gross Things" On Job In Letter To Unborn Son


In an open letter to a yet-to-be-born son, a former porn actress tells him that she did some “pretty gross things” as part of her profession and that she hopes he will never see them or, for that matter, any of the sexually explicit videos of her that seemingly live forever on the internet.

Aurora Snow wrote the letter in the Daily Beast. She says in the piece that back in the year 2000, she answered an ad in the Orange County Register newspaper seeking girls for “nude modeling,” with promised earnings of $2,000 per day.

“I had no shame and needed the money. I knew for certain that I never wanted a family of my own,” Snow wrote. “It was an age before everyone and everything was online, and I truly felt I could hide it from my mom, dad, and brothers. What did I have to lose?”

She says that she planned to perform in pornographic videos for a year, using the money to pay off student loan debt. But a decade went by and she was still in the business, starring in video after video.

“I can honestly say that I approached adult filmmaking as a job, and, like any job I’ve ever had, I felt it important to do my best,” she wrote. “Sometimes doing my job well meant doing pretty gross things. Hopefully you never see that stuff.”

It wasn’t until 2009 when one of her brothers suffered a severe injury from a motorcycle accident and she was given care if his two kids that Snow thought about leaving the porn industry and starting her own family.

In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Snow described the physical difficulties facing pornographic performers.

“You have to contort your body in all sorts of ways," she said in the interview, in the video below. “In a way it's a lot like doing stunts... and there are injuries on set.”

She described one particularly gruesome injury in which an unnamed male performer “broke” his penis while filming a sex scene. The accident happened when the unnamed male star’s female scene partner was in a sitting position with her back to him, lowering herself into the sexual position required in the scene.

"It missed the entry point, let's say,” Snow told the Huffington Post’s Ricky Camilleri. “It bent, and there was just blood gushing all over."

Snow said she was not the female performer involved in that mishap.

SOURCES: Daily Beast, Daily Mail, Huffington Post


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