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Audi Super Bowl Commercial Accused of Promoting Rape (Video)

Audi’s “Prom” Super Bowl commercial is being accused of promoting rape, even though no sexual assaults take place in the ad (video below).

Columnist Joel Mathis attacked the ad as being "rapey" in an article that he wrote for

• The young woman who receives the kiss chose to be at prom with someone else.

• Our “hero” forcibly turns her around and jams his mouth to hers almost before she can identify him, and certainly without any permission being sought or given. What’s more, this is a demonstration of his new, Audi-fueled power.

• He leaves prom without her—suggesting that she still chooses to be at prom with somebody else.

Does she smile? Sure. It’s a commercial. It’s supposed to be fun, for dudes at least. Just understand in real life, such behavior is more likely to get you prosecuted than to win you the heart of the prom queen.

Mathis then went on Twitter to battle conservatives, including The Transom editor Ben Domenech, a conservative.

“I’m not a conservative, but I don’t know why defending rapey TV commercials has to be thought a conservative value,” Mathis wrote. “Conservatives hate liberals so much they’d rather find humor in sexual battery than end up agreeing with the left about anything. But boy, it sure seems like conservatism can be better than that, can’t it?”



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