Arnold Schwarzenegger Spent State Money on Affairs?

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Apparently when you are Governor and are having sex with multiple women who are not your wife, that is perfectly fine. No worries there.

However, when you spend state money to have your women shuttled back and forth to your hotel room every night and then back to where they came from, that is against the law. And that happened a lot.

Whenever Arnold stayed at his hotel suite in Sacramento alone, then it was all girls all the time. It was only when he went back home to Santa Monica that he was sometimes faithful. And by faithful, I mean not having sex with people in the marriage bed. Other than that, he did it anywhere in the house he could.

I thought it was interesting that his daughter has already publicly forgiven him, which I find shocking, and also wonder when she grows up and gets married or has boyfriends, if she will consider it normal behavior for her partner to have multiple women and expect her to be chaste, and then forgive him when he repeatedly cheats.

These things have cycles, so then her children will expect it, and so on.


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