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Beware NY Jets and Giants: Kim Kardashian in Town

This is an important announcement for all New York Jets and Giants players. Kim Kardashian will be in New York for the next two months filming another installment in the train wreck known this time as Kim & Kourtney Take New York.

If you are a player on either team and wish to gain fame for being known as the next in a line of pro football players which she has dated, Kim will be accepting applications throughout her time in New York.

For all of you big offensive and defensive line guys who struggle in anonymity, well I'm guessing you will have to stay there. She wants someone who can make her more famous. I'm guessing this will preclude all kickers and guys who only play on special teams.

Practice squad guys? Out of luck. Also, she prefers a winner so, Giants players you probably need to win a couple more to have a shot. I don't think she is going to want to kick out all your friends and family from your private box into the cold and replace them with hers for a guy on a .500 or losing team. Just saying.

Also, if you are not selected the first time, don't worry. This show has more staying power than a cockroach so chances are good that by the time it does finally run its course most of the NFL will have a shot at dating her.

Perks include the following:
1. Hearing about the glory days of athletics and face lifts from Bruce Jenner;
2. Getting to meet Scott Disick;
3. Hair tips from Ryan Seacrest;
4. At least one cover of a tabloid talking about how you made Kim pregnant or how she wants to be pregnant; and
5. At least one court side seat to a Lakers game where you can sit between Kris and Khloe while they tell you how much they hate Scott but love Mason.

As a special bonus, if you act right now you can get the entire Lamar Odom t-shirt line. That is a $9.95 value. All you pay is shipping.


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