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Ashton Kutcher's New 'Vows' to Win Demi Moore Back

Demi Moore and husband Ashton Kutcher may be on the brink of divorce, but Kutcher is still holding out hope that his wife will take him back, and has made up a list of vows he promises to keep if Moore gives him another chance.

According to Now magazine, Kutcher promises to devote more time to their shared faith Kabbalah, cut down on his Twitter use, and no longer flirt with other women.

A source reveals that “Ashton feels terrible about how badly he’s hurt Demi. She went from mad to hurt to deeply depressed…so he told her he’d sat up one night writing this long list on how he could improve as a husband” and “Demi told him she cried when she read it-but she’s not sure if that’s enough to forgive him.”

Allegdly, Kutcher cheated on Moore with Sara Leal, having a one night stand on their sixth wedding anniversary in Las Vegas.

The source continued that Kutcher is “hoping Demi will give him one last chance” and “he’s trying to show how much he regrets hurting her. But she’s still unsure his vows are enough.”

Do you think she should give him another chance??


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