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Ashton Kutcher to Testify at Serial Killer Trial

A very private moment in the life of Ashton Kutcher is about to become very public. He is expected to testify next year at the trial of a serial killer who is accused of killing the actor's then-girlfriend. Michael Gargiulo will stand trial in Los Angeles for allegedly killing three women and trying to kill a fourth.

Kutcher rarely speaks about what happened on the night of February 21, 2001. A new girlfriend, 22-year-old Ashley Ellerin (below) called Kutcher that night hoping to go out with him. But Kutcher turned her down, fatefully as it turned out, but said he would drop by her house later that night.

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Kutcher told police he tried to call Ellerin twice during the night, but she didn't answer her phone. So at around 10:45pm he went to Ellerin's house. He found the lights on and her car parked outside.

He knocked on the door and got no answer. Kutcher said he peered in through the window, and saw what he thought was red wine spilled onto the floor. He thought Ellerin was angry with him for not going out with her, so he left.

What Kutcher didn't see was Ellerin's body, stabbed 35 times. What he thought was red wine was actually her blood.

Prosecutors say Kutcher's testimony is vital to establishing the time of Ellerin's death.

Friends of Ellerin's say she knew Gargiulo, and that he had taken an "intense interest" in her in the time before her murder.

Gargiulo, 34, was finally arrested in 2008 after DNA evidence allegedly linked him to the attempted murder of a woman who was stabbed in her apartment in Santa Monica. Police say the same evidence connects him to the 2005 murder of another Los Angeles woman, as well as the killing of a high school classmate of Gargiulo's in 1993 in Chicago, where he used to live.


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