Ashton Kutcher and Sara Leal: 4 Naked Girls, Hot Tub, Vodka

The Daily Mail reports that Ashton Kutcher's wild night in San Diego included vodka and a hot tub of four naked young women, according to a witness present at the actor's lavish hotel suite on the night he is alleged to have cheated on wife Demi Moore with Sara Leal.

While he could have been preparing to celebrate his sixth wedding anniversary, Kutcher was reportedly having sex with 23-year-old Sara Leal in the Diamond Suite at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego.

Party planner Gavin Naumoff recalled the scene that night as Jacques Du Toit, a South African yacht worker, described it: "When (Jacques) got there, a bodyguard was at the door who said it was a private party. Jacques explained he was the boyfriend of one of the girls and was let in."

"He (Jacques) found (his girlfriend) in a hot tub on the balcony (picture below) with Sara Leal, a girl called Katie and another girl called Marta. They were all naked. Ashton invited Jacques to join them in the tub."

"Ashton said, 'Yo, where’s the vodka at?' and Jacques was like, ‘'It’s over there, but I’m not going to get it.' So Ashton gets out to get the vodka and that’s when Jacques saw he was butt naked."

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The alleged sexual encounter between Ashton and Sara took place that night in the bedroom (picture below) after everyone left, except Sara and her friend Marta.

"Sara is telling everyone 100 per cent that she and Ashton had sex," claimed Naumoff. "If she says she slept with him then I think she’s telling the truth."

Naumoff explained how earlier in the evening, Kutcher selected girls at the nearby Fluxx nightclub: "Ashton was picking out girls who were 'hot tub worthy or not.' He would send his friends to hand-pick the prettiest girls from the dance floor."

The club’s promoter, Aaron Klose, said: "I saw Ashton dancing with several girls, including Sara. Fluxx has the reputation for only allowing the prettiest ones in. Ashton was clearly up for a good night."

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