Is Ashlee Simpson Jealous That Jessica Simpson Gets All The Attention?


Ashlee Simpson is not going to fawn all over sister’s baby. She’s sort of over it all. Three years ago she had her own child that she gave the unfortunate name of Bronx. She and the boy’s father, a vertically challenged lead singer of a rock band married in a Halloween themed wedding. A few months later their boy was born and Jessica Simpson showered him with gifts. So Jessica is surprised that now that she has her own baby that her sister is not returning the favor.

Star Magazine has the scoop in its latest issue. “Ashlee is jealous of the attention and the money Jessica is getting for losing her baby weight,” a friend reports. The source says Ashlee, 27, has always had a chip on her shoulder about growing up in Jessica’s shadow. When Bronx was born, Ashlee felt like she had a leg up, because all eyes were on her – but now, thanks to Maxi, Jessica has stolen the spotlight again. Ashlee’s responded by checking out of her sister’s life.

I blame their father, the Ed Hardy wearing youth pastor turned child manager for this mess. He’s pretty much obsessed with Jessica. She’s his everything. Imagine Sunday dinner at that house? It’s probably constant chatter about the size of Jessica’s jugs, how her hair extensions have never looked better, and how her singing voice is like that of angels. (News flash: it’s not). The only time Ashlee has probably ever had attention is when she had her nose job or got busted for lip syncing on Saturday Night Live. Wouldn’t you get annoyed? Can’t someone throw her a bone? Imagine her inner monologue? (“Um, guess what people… She’s not the only woman who has ever had a baby. Remember me? I gave you your first grandchild. And I am not sure if you noticed but I have the body of a teenage boy now. I did it through hard work and starvation. Have you looked at your other daughter lately? I think she ate my couch. You got her a Weight Watchers deal and she is over there chewing on turkey bones and nachos. And by the way, a pedometer to calculate how many times you walk from the family room to the kitchen is not going to fix that hot mess. And if you say you are getting her lap band for a push present I am going to freak out. Seriously. You will never see the grandchild you currently ignore ever again. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?)

-Kate Casey

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