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Artist 'Hanksy' Parodies Tom Hanks, George Clooney with Street Art

Artist Christopher Lee Rios, also known as 'Hanksy,' is a street artist who puts Tom Hanks’ face on copies of Banksy’s art. His first art show was recently at the Krause Gallery in New York City.

Normally, Hanksy’s art appears outdoors, on the streets in New York and Chicago, and has  gained a large Internet following. His newest creation is a parody of George Clooney (below).

Hanksy recently told "I take iconic images from the UK street artist Banksy and mash it up with a reference from Academy Award winning actor, Tom Hanks."

"Deep down, I am a fan of Tom Hanks and his movies. I grew up on his movies. 'The 'Burbs.' 'Moneypit.' 'Big.' Looking back, the 80s were a giant heap of sugary cereal with cartoons in the morning and the VHS shuffle in the evenings."

"I guess I am subverting the subversive. It's a bit of everything really. Celebrating his work while also softly pointing out how mainstream and accepted street art has become to the general public. But not everything in life is meant to be taken so seriously."

"One person's vandalism can be seen as another's artistic expression. It is what it is. The internet, and people in general, will always attempt to lump things into categories. And they'll always argue over it.

What does Tom Hanks think about all this parody art? According to, Hanks has said: “I don’t know who Hanksy is, but I enjoy his (her?) comments via the semi-chaos of artistic expression."

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