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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Love Child Wears Conan the Barbarian Costume

Arnold Schwarzenegger's 13-year-old love child Joseph Baena paid homage to his father on Halloween last night, dressing as one of the actor's most famous characters, Conan The Barbarian. 

With his bulky frame, shoulder-length brunette locks, sword, and leather outfit, the teen was the splitting image of his dad in the 1982 action-fantasy film. The mother and son duo were snapped in the car lot at the Six Flags theme park in Valencia, California, with Joseph proudly posing as he sported the outfit.

Mildred, whom the former California Governor had an extra marital liaison with some 13 years ago, opted for no costume. The former housekeeper dressed down in black leggings, a puffy jacket and a pair of studded Ugg boots.

Meanwhile in Santa Monica, Arnold's ex-wife Maria took their son Christopher, who is the same age of Joseph, out for some Halloween fun. Maria also got into the holiday spirit by dressing in a velvet burgundy pagan-style outfit. She was seen carrying her pet dog around the busy streets.

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