Woman Claims She's Arnold Schwarzenegger's 2nd Mistress


 It’s like the whole Jesse James/Sandra Bullock thing all over again!

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Arnold Schwarzenegger got busted cheating on wife Maria Shriver with the housekeeper and fathered her child, now MORE women are coming forward with similar stories.

Sound familiar?

I’d say it was a Hollywood epidemic, but I still believe there are good men (perhaps naively) out there.

News broke on Tuesday about the Governator’s affair with Mildred Baenaand the resulting love-child, and more allegations seem to be uncovered by the minute.

Gigi Goyette, a former child actress who appeared on the long running Little House On The Prairie way back in 1975 was paid off in 2003 when Schwarzenegger was running for the California Governor’s chair.

Goyette, (AKA Jeffers) was paid the sum of $20,000 to keep her mouth shut about the ongoing affair that she and piggy Arnold had off and on over the years.

Mistress #2 is keeping silent no longer. A joint effort by RadarOnline and Star Magazine uncovered that Goyette has sought legal council with Gloria Allred.

Oh boy, the Sperminator is in trouble now! That Allred has some fangs on her, and I’m certain she’ll be out for blood…

Arnold, you’re such a scumbag.

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