Arnold Schwarzenegger Had Secret Paternity Test

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If you’ve heard about the whole Arnold Schwarzenegger baby mama drama and thought that there might have been an inkling of an idea to Arnie that the maid’s baby wasn’t his — think again.

Don’t think for one second that Arnold was thrown off by the news that his housekeeper Mildred Patricia Baena had his baby, because she had a secret DNA test on the kid to prove his father was the Terminator actor.

A close friend of Mildred’s revealed the news of who knew what and when. She had the DNA test done when her son was still a toddler, so they both knew his true relationship to Arnold.

A source said, “Arnold knew all along that the boy was his child. But Mildred insisted on a DNA test – and it proved that Arnold was the father.”

Are you surprised???


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