Mistress: Arnold Schwarzenegger Liked to 'Handle' His Staff


Mildred Baena, 50, mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s ‘other’ child, told a friend how Arnie liked to touch the bottoms of his female staff.  She revealed details of Arnold’s sexual harassment during a heart-to-heart with close friend Nora Montes about working for the Hollywood star and former California governor.

Nora said: “I was talking to her and she suddenly said, ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger has long hands. He used to touch the back of the housekeepers and grab their behinds.’ I was amazed.”

Arnie, 63, admitted on Tuesday he had split with wife of 26 years Maria Shriver because he secretly fathered a son with Mildred more than a decade ago.  Nora yesterday said the boy always stood out from divorcee Mildred’s other children.

She added: “He was strikingly different from his half brothers and sisters, blond and very handsome.  “For Mildred he was very special. She would always say he was going to be very special and different. She doted on the boy.”

Nora thinks that Mildred and husband Rogelio filed for divorce three weeks after the lad’s birth because Rogerio realized the boy was not his.  The boy, now 13, was born just a week after Arnie and Maria’s youngest son Christopher.

Maria Shriver, 55, has hired top US divorce lawyer Laura Wasser – some of her previous clients include Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.

Mildred worked for Arnie for 20 years. He had previously employed her mother as housekeeper. Mildred’s sister Mirian also worked at his home in Brentwood, California.  It was claimed yesterday Mildred broke down and confessed after suspicious when Maria questioned her.   A source said: “Maria has suspected for a long time.”

Schwarzenegger has now put his movie career comeback on hold to deal with the crisis in his personal life.

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