Can Arm Sculpting Cream Tighten up "Bingo Wings"?

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Should we be skeptical, a cream that supposedly tightens up your arms?

The Arm Sculpt cream by manufacturer Rodial is said to destroy fatty cells and tighten skin to produce toned arms.  Trials have showed up to 22 percent of fat can be dispersed if the cream is applied properly and those that use the cream for 56 days will see an inch difference in
their arms.

And an added bonus is that it also can reduce skin roughness by 43 percent and boost elasticity by 35 percent.

Rodial boss Maria Hatzistefanis said:

‘We discovered that the majority of women are unhappy with their appearance of their arms and struggle to achieve the toned, youthful appearance they desire. ‘So we have created a product that speaks to women to offer a solution to the curse of “bingo wings” and hyperkeratosis – an ageing condition which every woman will experience, some sadly earlier than others.’

Rodial has put out this cream in response to its 8,000 requests from customers.  Especially after a survey revealed that 87 percent of ment look at a woman's upper arms to tell how old they are.  

Arm Sculpt is to be available at John Lewis stores and at priced from £59.99 (about $90 USD).


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