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Arizona Town Hosts July Fourth Sidewalk Egg Frying Contest

If you thought your city was getting the brunt of this heatwave, think again. The town of Oatman, Ariz. is hosting yet another annual Sidewalk Egg Frying Contest for Independence Day.

The town is “offering prizes for who can cook the most edible-looking egg — by any solar means necessary,” writes NBC News. Contrary to popular belief, it is not, in fact, easy to fry an egg on concrete, regardless of temperatures soaring over 100 degrees.

The rules of the Sidewalk Egg Frying Contest are, according to Oatman’s community website, as follows:

  • You can go as a team or a single entry.
  • You can only use the eggs that are furnished for you at the contest.
  • You can use only solar energy, no electric or gas burners.
  • You can use mirrors, tin foil, iron skillets.
  • There will be prizes for the first egg fried, costumes ( a lot of teams dress a theme such as chefs or chickens, etc.)
  • Originality of the cooking device and other fun stuff.

Cornerstone to the rule set is that eggs can only be fried by the power of the blistering sun. “The heat is on,” the website reads.

Fred Eck, 69, a retired special events coordinator who has organized the fry since its beginning, divulges some contest technicalities: at noon on the dot, the eggs are cracked and the participants get cooking. 15 minutes later, Eck declares winner whoever has the best-looking fried egg. Then the event packs up by 1 p.m. "If we don’t, everybody would pass out,” he says.

NPR got some inside info from Eck:

The rules of the game is you get two eggs. Each team will get two eggs. When they get these eggs, when we count off the five, four, three, two, one, everyone will break their eggs and put it on the sidewalk or in the device of their choice in order to cook them without the use of any kind of fire.

They must use solar heat and solar heat only. We have a defending champion here, two years in a row, she's here getting ready to put hers together and challengers all the way up and down the street. This is the 16th annual Invitational Sidewalk Egg Fry on old Route 66 in Oatman, Arizona, where the temperature is roughly about 105 degrees, no wind and beautiful blue sky, and we're just about ready to get started.

So if you're about ready, we're going to give the go ahead. We're going to have a gunshot into the air, which is a double-barrel shotgun, blanks of course, and when he does that, we'll be underway.

And on that note, happy Fourth, and happy frying!

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