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Argentinean Singer Nolberto Electrocuted On Stage During Performance (Video)

Nolberto, a singer for the Argentinean band Alkala, was mid-way through his band’s performance at a carnival when he placed his hand on a metal pole and was electrocuted.

Nolberto was singing Yo Por Tu Amor (Me For Your Love) at the Ranchillos music carnival when he was shocked.

When Nolberto touched the pole, smoke instantly rose from his skin and he fell off the stage. The band immediately dropped their instruments and jumped off the stage to help the singer.

“The stage was damp, and when I touched the metal I suffered the shock,” Nolberto explained. “So to stop myself from being shocked I had to throw myself off the stage."

After a few minutes, Nolberto was revived and shockingly returned to the stage to finish his performance.

Nolberto said nothing like this has happened to him on stage before.

Sources: The West Australian, NY Daily News


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