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Does Aretha Franklin Have Pancreatic Cancer?

We now know what mystery ailment the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, is fighting – the Big ‘C’.


Aretha Franklin, 68, underwent a mysterious surgery last week, and although we still don’t know exactly what the procedure as, doctors say the surgery was a success. Aretha released the following statement afterwards: “The surgery was highly successful. God is still in control. I had superb doctors and nurses whom were blessed by all the prayers of the city and the country. God bless you all for your prayers!”

The National Enquirer is reporting that Aretha has incurable pancreatic cancer, but this news has not been confirmed.

Aretha Franklin has canceled all tour dates through May 2011.

Our thoughts go out to Aretha and we truly hope it is something that can be controlled. We all know how devastating pancreatic cancer can be.



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