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Are Tom Cruise's Dates Being Staged?

I love it when a celebrity publicist plants an obvious story. The more obvious it is, the better. Because no matter how famous you are your publicity team still needs to make regular calls to reporters at all the weeklies to ensure you get print. Tom Cruise is 50 years old. He’s no longer getting photographed with a robot wife and their daughter. He’s got a new movie to sell and a taped deposition in a lawsuit he’s trying to sweep under the rug. So he’s got to divert attention and somehow his publicists think the way to do it is to come up with a hilarious plant about taking a restaurant hostess out for a romantic night in New York City.

From In Touch Weekly (slumming it, I would say for the Tomas of yester year):

“On December 18, the Collateral star swept his date, Queens native Cynthia Jorge off her feet at New York’s Le Baron nightclub, an insider who saw the exchange told a weekly magazine. “They did the salsa. He took her in his arms and spun her around the dance floor,” the insider told the magazine. “Tom looked like a pro. At one point, they began grinding together. It was straight out of Dirty Dancing.”

He took her in his arms and began “grinding” together straight out of Dirty Dancing? Did she also do the lift in the center of the dance floor while a circle formed around them?

Can you imagine the plants that hit the cutting room floor? If they were going to go balls out, maybe they should have considered some other options:

1.    “On December 18, the Jack Reacher star took his date, Scranton native Crystal Trollip on a whirlwind date to Times Square that culminated with some dry humping on top of a street grate.”
2.    “On December 18, the Rock of Ages star took his date, Kansas City native Roberta Robinson on a titillating date to the Broadway performance of West Side Story. By the end of the show they were both doing toe touches in the aisle.”
3.    “On December 18, the Top Gun star took his date Chris Christianson to a pet heavy date at a karaoke bar in Greenwich Village where he serenaded with her the Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers classic “Islands in the Stream.”

If Tom Cruise really went out on a date I doubt he would take them dancing. He’d probably arrange an auditing session at the Scientology Center after racing motorbikes in the dessert near the L. Ron Hubbard compound. You know – romantic stuff.

-Kate Casey

Kate Casey is a Pop Culture Lover. PR Pro. New mom. Comedy nerd. Celebrity gossip fan. Follow her on Twitter @KateCasey


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