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Hip-Hop Stunner: Are Jay-Z and Beyonce Separating?

It is being reported that Jay-Z, 41, and Beyonce Knowles, 29, his wife of almost three years are seperating. This story is being broken exclusively by Actually they are claiming the couple are taking a trial situation. The site has a reputation of printing rumors that are not always true and this rumor is a whopper! 

MediaTakeOut claims:

According to our snitch the couple has been at odds for the last year. The insider explains,”The biggest thing [they argue about] is about kids, [Jay Z] wants them and Beyonce doesn’t. It’s all about her career, and she doesn’t want to slow down.”

Jigga is so adamant about having kids, that learned he just ENTERED A LEASE to a Los Angeles mansion – without his wife!!! The insider claims, “For now [Jay Z's] going to be staying in LA. Beyonce will be in NY. . . The hope is that with the time apart, the couple will decide to either have kids, or go their separate ways.”

Beyone and Jay-Z generally avoid discussing their relationship. Beyonce has said she believes that not publicly discussing their relationship has helped them. What do you think? Is this a big fat whopper? Or is their trouble in paradise?



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