Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Fighting Over His Unibrow?


Normally I'm really embarrassed to write headlines that border on the ridiculous (as in there is no way they can be true as opposed to I'm having fun with them if that makes sense) but this one is so hysterical (and it's a really slow news day) I just had to.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart got into a huge fight and are not speaking because of his unibrow. That's right, he didn't coiff his eyebrows, she wasn't happy about it and said something to him in front of people and he's fuming so he's freezing her out.

A source tells the Daily Mail that when the two were at the Paris airport she allegedly said to him (in front of people):

Your eyebrows are long overdue, sweetheart'. Robert was fuming and went bright red with embarrassment and anger. They had a massive row and didn't talk to each other for the next 12 hours.' However, the source further elaborated that this is not the first time they have both undergone the silent treatment with each other: 'That's what they do – they go into silent mode when they row. Kristen is incredibly bossy and forward with Robert when she feels like it and it causes a lot of tension between them. Her unsubtle way of criticizing him and putting him in his place never goes down well. This eyebrow saga is just the latest in a long line of bust-ups.'

Sometimes the silent mode is better than saying hurtful things and it allows you to 'digest' things before speaking, but seriously? Who believes this sh*t? I find this laughable.


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