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Are Reviewers Going to Easy on Rage?

Rage, from id Software and Bethesda, has been garnering a great deal of attention and rightfully so. Creators of classic bad-ass games Doom and Quake are the driving force behind Rage. Much of what I have read and seen has been about how great the game is and it is getting the ratings to back those reviews up. But not everyone feels the same.

Arcee of Nfamous Gamers gave the game a surprising 3 out of 5 rating siting the "pacing of the game" and its "laborious" nature as its biggest let downs. I agree with Arcee (and most of the industry will too) on the beauty of the rendering in Rage. It is an absolutely gorgeous game. However, if pacing, characters and story are important to you, Arcee claims you will be disappointed and argues the story is forgettable.

I am an avid supporter of Bethesda and play everything they put on the shelves; Rage is no exception. While I can't rule out Arcee's opinions, I have decided I need to find out more first hand. And there is a multiplayer component, so look for me online!


Richard "Arcee" Cardenas is the Editor-in-Chief of Nfamous Gamers, a site dedicated to alternative pop culture.



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