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Are Half of Justin Bieber's Twitter Followers Fake?

If you’ve never been able to figure out how Justin Bieber managed to become the biggest popstar on the planet, relax. He isn’t. It’s been revealed that nearly half of his Twitter followers are fake or spam accounts. So that might explain why he’s gone off the rails recently. It’s all a lie! He’s only the second biggest popstar on the planet. A virtual nobody. He’s barely even famous. What a loser.

A company called Statista made the discovery of Bieber’s bogus boast when they analysed the Twitter accounts that follow @justinbieber.

They found that nearly 16.7 million of those accounts were fake (i.e. they have no followers and simply send out spam posts about diets and stuff) while 2.6 million were inactive accounts.

This means that in reality, Justin Bieber only has 17.8 million actual Twitter followers. And we bet some of them think he’s a cockbadger.

Whereas Lady Gaga, who graciously conceded defeat in the Twitter war of 2012, has 19 million genuine actual people reading her nonsense about “little monsters” and shit.

In your whiney teenage face Biebo.


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