Are Drake and Rihanna Back Together?


Could this hot couple be going for round two?

Drake and Rihanna, who shared a brief fling back in 2009, were spotted getting “hot and heavy” at a Miami club over the weekend!

The two were at Miami hotspot Liv on Sunday night and apparently there was some friskiness.

“Rihanna was all over Drake this weekend,” says an eye witness. “They were holding hands and dancing all close on the dance floor.”

Since breaking up the two have remained close friends and even do features on each other’s songs.

Drake has admitted in the past that there might be a chance for the two to reunite. “It’s always love [between us] though. We’re all young and we’re all busy. That’s like, that’s talk for a few years from now.”

At the moment though a Rihanna source reveals that “She’s not ‘dating’ Drake or anybody… She’s single.”

Maybe one day…

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