Are Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston Still Friends?


Are Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston still BFFs? Or has their friendship fizzled?

Since Aniston’s relationship with Justin Theroux has grown more serious, Cox has been missing from Aniston’s life. Isn’t that always the case? One friend falls in love and forgets her other “Friends”.

Cox was noticeably absent when Aniston got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame two weeks ago, a landmark you’d think anyone would want their BFF at. Sources close to the pair say that they began spending more time apart when Aniston began seeing Theroux. The couple have been inseparable since they began dating last May and are now living together. Cox was apparently upset last month when Aniston cancelled a girls’ night out at the last minute to spend the evening with Theroux.

Before their split, Cox and former husband David Arquette were always supportive of Aniston and often holidayed with her. Aniston is also godmother to Coco, their daughter, now seven.

A source told Graziamagazine that Aniston’s priorities have changed since meeting Justin, but that doesn’t change that Courtney must feel forgotten in the wake of Aniston’s new relationship especially after how supportive Cox and David were to her over the years.

In a recent interview with Anderson Cooper on his chat show, Cox admitted that she was finding it hard to meet men as she’s a homebody. Cox has also insisted that she is good friends with Arquette and that as weird as it is to say, things are great even as David has moved on with a girlfriend: ‘I probably caught up to this whole situation later than he did. And, I am really happy for him and he’s got a girlfriend.

‘Everything’s great, I know it seems so weird, it’s even weird for me to say that.’


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