Are Bruce Jenner's Sons 'Thrilled' About his Split From Kris Jenner?

Bruce and Kris Jenner have plastered the media in the past 24 hours with repeated claims about how incredibly happy they are to be separated.

According to TMZ, Bruce's two sons Brody and Brandon are "thrilled" that their dad is separated from Kris, whom they supposedly blame for taking their father out of their lives when she married their dad in 1991.

The boys were raised by their mother, Linda Thompson and her now ex-husband David Foster, in Malibu, Calif.

Unidentified sources told TMZ that the boys also blame Kris for their dad not paying child support for ten years.

Because Bruce has been living in Malibu near his sons, they have reportedly reconnected with their father in "an adult relationship."

"Bruce has been spending a lot of time with Linda and the boys in Malibu over the last few months," an unidentified source told Radar Online. "Linda has lived in Malibu for decades and leads a very normal life, away from the spotlight, the opposite of the Kardashians and Jenners."

The source claims that Kris is "insanely jealous" of Linda and didn’t want her and Bruce spending very much time together.

TMZ claims the only reason that Brody and Brandon have appeared on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" is because they wanted to be close to their dad, even if it meant tolerating Kris.

"I think Bruce is an incredible human being and I think that Bruce is a great father, he just wasn't a great father to me," Brody said in an episode of the TV reality series.

However, in response to TMZ's story, Kris uploaded a picture on her Instagram page (above, right) that included herself, Bruce, Brody and Brandon.

Kris added the taunting caption: "Another amazing night @brodyjenner @sprandoni and Bruceeeeee!!! Too fun I love you guys!!! Best hearts #sorryTMZgotitwrongAGAINLOL."

What's not clear is when the picture was actually taken, notes the Daily Mail.

Sources: Radar Online, Daily Mail, TMZ


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