Are 'Ashton Cheating' Rumors Making Demi Moore Thin?

According to recent reports, Demi Moore's weight has plummeted in recent weeks and some speculate she weighs about 98 pounds. The weight loss has been evident in recent pictures of the 48-year-old who appears to be far slimmer than she was a year ago (see below).

A story in Grazia magazine makes the claims, using quotes from a witness who allegedly saw Demi at a cancer fundraiser event in New York: "She looked so scarily skinny.

Her hip bones were jutting out so much, you could see the outline under her dress. She made Jennifer Aniston look big."

Demi's marriage to Ashton Kutcher has apparently hit the rocks after allegations concerning his alleged cheating. Is it possible the stress has gotten to Demi?  What do you think?

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