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Anne Hathaway Wrote Oscar Acceptance Speech to be Liked

It looks like the news got back to Anne Hathaway about her coming off as unlikable during all of her award winning speeches. Ann decided she wanted to be liked and was going to work at it by practicing her Oscar winning speech in order to come across more likable.

Ann learned she was being perceived negatively as a result of her speeches at the awards shows. Hathaway took it upon herself to practice and make sure the Oscar audience would like her this time around.

A source states: “She was very aware that she had been the butt of everyone’s jokes.” Soon after winning her Oscar, Hathaway admitted that her feelings were hurt by the negative comments and added: “It does get to me, but you have to remember in life that there’s a positive to every negative and a negative to every positive.”

It seems that Hathaway’s plan to come across as more likable may have backfired as she seemed to be very robotic on stage and her Oscar winning speech, of course, felt very forced and scripted. The first thing that Hathaway stated when she was handed her Oscar was “It came true” and America let out a collective sigh and then a cringe. Hathaway should stop trying so hard as the more she tries the more annoying she comes across.

What do you think of news that Hathaway practiced her speech? Did she come across more likable?


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