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Anne Hathaway Weeps Over Women in Sex Trade

Note to Anne Hathaway: You're an actress. You're not an actual hooker. Settle the hell down.

Via Contact Music:

Anne Hathaway choked back tears during an interview on British TV [last week] as she recalled the trauma of playing a prostitute in the new movie adaptation of Les Miserables ... Hathaway confessed she is shocked the same problem still exists today and that countless women around the world still turn to the sex trade as their only way out of poverty - and it made it difficult to shoot the role.

During an interview for U.K. chat show This Morning, Hathaway looked visibly moved and fought back tears as she said, "This is a story that is being repeated - sadly, tragically - throughout the world by the millions, and just the weight of that... That got me."


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