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Anne Hathaway: "I'm Not Rihanna, I’m Not Cool"

Anne Hathaway doesn't really think of herself as sexy... or cool for that matter.

The Les Miserables actress told tells Harper's Bazaar UK that she just doesn't feel sexy.

“I’m not Rihanna; I’m not cool, when people come up to me in the street, they often want a hug not a photo, and they want that because they like my work. For a long time it was me and her [manager] against the world. I was seen as this bizarre-world good-girl cartoon that I in no way identified with – very vanilla, very sweet, very accessible and not interesting. I had no grit, no sex appeal.”

She opened up about her secret wedding to hubby  Adam Shulman in September and trust issues after her ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri was jailed in 2008 for wire fraud and money laundering.

“‘It was scary, but as the days wore on it kept getting better and better. I found that the love I found for him made me more trusting of everyone, and the more I started to see who I had become.”

All this comes after Anne got out of an SUV at the Les Miserable premiere on December 10 in NYC and showed the world that she wasn't wearing any panties.

Yup, not sexy at all. Ha!


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