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Is Ann Curry Going to CNN?

Is Ann Curry heading to CNN? Not if NBC has a say in it.

After embarrassing Curry and removing her as the co-host of The Today Show, at the request of Matt Lauer, who blamed his then co-host for the slump in the ratings, will NBC let her out of her contract?

Ann Curry is begging NBC bosses to let her out of her contract so she can accept a high-profile anchor job at CNN.   Curry is reportedly being earmarked for Anderson Cooper’s  8pm slot at CNN by her former Today show boss, Jeff Zucker, who will take over as president of CNN Worldwide in February.

Unfortunately, NBC has the final say as to whether Ann could move to CNN.  Ann can’t quit NBC because of a clause in her contract that bans her from working for any other news outlet for two years.

According to Radaronline, NBC bosses are unwilling to release Curry without a fight.

Curry’s lawyers are arguing that her dramatic demotion from The Today Show in April was in fact a breach of her contract terms by NBC thereby allowing her to move on.

While Ann was removed from her anchor position on The Today Show due to the ratings slump, after leaving the ratings have not improved and Matt Lauer’s approval ratings are dismal.

Do you think NBC should release Ann from her contract??


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