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Angus T. Jones Won't Appear in Next 2 Episodes of 'Two and a Half Men'

Two and a Half Men have two more episodes to be filmed before their holiday hiatus and surprise, surprise Angus T. Jones who plays Jake will not be in them. This is also known as the wrath of Chuck Lorre. As you know he released a video of him talking about his newfound finding of Christ and labeling his former cash cow show as evil and 'filth' urging viewers to stop watching the show. You can watch that video here.

However, according to sources that spoke to The Hollywood Reporter, this is purely coincidental and nothing to do with video. If you've been watching this season 'Jake' is in the army and isn't in every show any ways so it's 'fitting' that his character isn't necessarily in the scenes.

No stranger to the drama of the show, Charlie Sheen(who was fired from the show in 2011) , has spoken out in public on Angus' video and told exclusively: With Angus's Hale-Bopp-like meltdown, it is radically clear to me that the show is cursed,"

I don't know about cursed, but it sure seems like Angus has gotten himself into a 'cult-like' situation. Whenever one starts denouncing things like a sitcom as 'evil' – one that he earns and has earned a great deal of money from – I just find it a bit 'off'.

Charlie has gone on to star in the successful FX series Anger Management.

So far, CBS, as well as Chuck Lorre have not spoken publicly.

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