Angelina Jolie's Biggest Concern is Winter in Trip to Iraq and Turkey

There must be some negative news about Angelina Jolie about to break because she’s spent a full week jetting from trouble-spot to trouble-spot, posing for photographs with refugees for five minutes and doing her best ET impression in a bid to look all concerned as Iraqis and Syrians explain in a language she doesn’t speak problems she can do little about.

But if you’re one of the Hollywood movie-watching estimated 21,000 Syrian refugees that are living in Iraq’s western Anbar and Dohuk provinces, fret not, because on Saturday Angelina “urged” Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari to ensure the refugees have enough supplies.

Presumably, he nodded, got a few autographs for his kids and filed her heartfelt pleas in the bin.

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Whilst in the Turkish capital Ankara on Friday, a day after she visited refugee camps on the Syrian border, the multi-millionaire actress said that winter is: ‘a very large concern for all of us.’

She added that she hopes that ‘no one freezes to death in this very frightening time’.

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Perhaps she could ‘phone home and ask Brad if some of the 18,000 refugees that have fled Syria during the 18 month long conflict could stay at their fifty-bedroom Chateau Miraval in the South of France, their multi-million dollar home in the French Quarter of New Orleans, their two houses joined together in the Los Feliz, LA suburbs or even her own house in Cambodia where she has spent a total of one night ever?

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