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Angelina Jolie High on Cocaine During Charlie Rose Interview?

Although not really surprising, it is fun to watch Angelina Jolie spaced out on coke being interviewed by Charlie Rose back in 2000.

Angelina's former drug dealer told Life & Style that he and Angelina used to do heroin and coke together, and that prior to getting into a car to go to Charlie Rose, Angelina had been doing coke with him. He also says that right after the show ended, Angelina came right back over to the dealer's house and did more drugs.

Of course Life & Style had to ruin a perfectly good story with the announcement that the revealing of this video will split Brad and Angelina. Umm, I'm guessing Brad knows that Angelina has done drugs in the past, especially since she has always admitted it. How then would this possibly split them? The fact she was high during an interview? Really? You don't think Brad has maybe smoked some pot and been stoned for an interview?

I'm more interested in the fact Amber is supposedly pregnant and Gary might not be the dad. Ohhh, maybe it is Brad Pitt. See, now that would probably split Angelina and Brad.

(OV Editor's Note: The video was available on YouTube as of Wednesday. However, as you can see below, it has been pulled due to copyright.)


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