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Angelina Jolie Sued For Stealing Movie Idea

Angelina Jolie made her directorial and writing debut in the upcoming film 'In The Land of Blood & Honey' and so far the reviews have not sucked at all. Madonna could take a lesson or two from Angie. Meow.

It is being reported that Angelina Jolie is being sued by someone who alleges that she stole the story behind the film based on an article he wrote in 2007. It's interesting that the film opens this month (December 23) and that it's now that we hear about this lawsuit

Croatian journalist and author James J. Braddock is claiming an article he wrote and published in 2007 is the basis for the film. The similarities between his article and the movie in the lawsuitstates:

"The Subject Work’s main female character is subject to continuous abuse and rape by soldiers and officers in the camp. In addition to being raped continuously by soldiers and officers, she is forced to become a servant at the camp headquarters, a duty assumed by very few of the captives. The Motion Picture’s main female character is also subject to continuous rape by soldiers and officers in the camp and subsequently becomes a servant at camp headquarters."

James is seeking damages from the court in a trial jury. He not only is suing Angelina Jolie but is also suing the Los Angeles based production company that financed the movie: GK Films.

No comment from Angie's camp just yet. I'm sure this isn't the last we'll hear about this.


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