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Angelina Jolie Recalls Her "Bad Girl" Past

Angelina Jolie is opening up about her darker days, realizing she is lucky to be alive.

The actress, who is in a long-term relationship with actor Brad Pitt, made the confession during her interview on “60 Minutes” that will air on Sunday.

“I went through heavy, darker times and I survived them. I didn’t die young,” Jolie told CBS’s Bob Simon. “So I am very lucky. There are other artists and people that didn’t survive certain things.”

Simon pushed for more details but Angelina didn’t want to go into specifics. We have heard about her drug use, love of tattoos, and her self-mutilation previously.

“Nothing I want to go into a lot of detail about. I think people can imagine that I did the most dangerous, and I did the worst and for many reasons, I shouldn’t be here,” Angelina said.

Jolie adds, “You just think (there’s) too many times where you came close to too many dangerous things, too many chances taken too, too far”.

The beautiful actress has calmed down but admits she is still a “bad girl”.

“I’m still a bad girl,” she told Simon. “I still have that side of me…it’s just in its place now…it belongs to Brad. Or…our adventures.”


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