Angelina Jolie Not Impressed by Mick Jagger in Bed

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Who knew the dirty old bastard even had a heart, huh? But if there was anyone on this earth that was capable of breaking Mick Jagger's heart it's home wrecking vixen Angelina Jolie. The Rolling Stones icon was used to women throwing themselves at his feet and longing for the next time they tore up the sheets. Not so with the future if they make it to the altar Mrs. Brad Pitt.

Unlike his other lovers, Jolie wasn't impressed by his sexual prowess, or lack thereof in her opinion according to the latest biography of the rocker penned by Christopher Andersen

Back in the day Jagger liked his women gorgeous and attached to another man. He liked the thrill of stealing a woman from a man. Enter Jolie who at the time (1997) was married to Jonny Lee Miller and was hired to be a stripper in his video Anybody Seen My Baby. It is claimed that he fell for her stating: ‘She scares me a little — I like that,’. I think my husband likes that in a woman too because he tells me all the time I scare the shit out of him. There are also reports that she was also having an affair with Timothy Hutton at the time. 

He beseeched her with phone calls after their Florida tryst (he wore her down, and she was left unimpressed) like a stalker (this I can respect in him for obvious reasons) and according to her mother's friend Lauren Taines who heard the voicemails described them as  'astonishing’ and that Jagger was ‘virtually sobbing'. To hear this about him is shocking, but if there is any woman who can bring a man to his knees (and vice versa nyuk, nyuk) it's Jolie.

He wore her down again and allegedly their affair carried on for another 2 years. At one point he was begging like the dog he is to her on the phone when Jerry Hall was calling him to tell him she gave birth to their 4th child. I don't know if Hall should get a medal for putting up with his nonsense (she apparently was aware of all of his affairs) or a slap upside the head for not wanting better for herself. Mind you, she did leave his sorry ass eventually so all is not lost.

While the news of an affair with Jagger and Jolie is not really surprising, him begging and crying like a little bitch on her voicemail is. Who knew, right?


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