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Angelina Jolie Having Lesbian Flings Behind Brad Pitt's Back?

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Is Angelina Jolie hooking up with women again? She's well known to have had relationships with both men and women in the past, but since settling down with Brad Pitt, one would assume she's now monogamous. However, According to InTouch magazine, a "source" who claims to be a friend of the actress tells the tabloid, “Angelina harbors strong bisexual desires — and continues to have flings with other women behind Brad’s back.”

The tabloid goes on to say that Angelina supposedly has a stable of women she calls up when she wants to fool around. “In her mind, it’s just sex," the "friend" of the actress tells InTouch. "And since she wouldn’t fool around with a man, she doesn’t consider it cheating.” Allegedly, she reserves rooms at Los Angeles' Roosevelt Hotel for “just a few hours,” according to a hotel employee, so she can be alone with her lady friends.

Angelina famously dated model Jenny Shimizu when her acting career was first taking off. According to Shimizu, Angelina has a huge sex drive; InTouch quotes another "source" as saying Brad Pitt has a tough time satisfying her, and that she likes to dominate in the bedroom. “They’re not violent, but Angelina likes it rough,” says a source.


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