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Angelina Jolie Has Very Few Female Friends

In an interview with the new issue Marie Claire, Angelina Jolie spoke frankly to the magazine about her lack of female friends: "It was nice for me to play with other girls; I don't really have girlfriends in movies, if you've noticed."

"Well, I have a few girlfriends, I just... I stay at home a lot. I'm just not very social. I don't do a lot with them, and I'm very homebound."

"I'll talk to my family,' said Jolie, 'I talk to Brad ... But I don't know, I don't have a lot of friends I talk to. He is really the only person I talk to."

Jolie's reputation as the ultimate man-eater and husband-stealer may account for her lack of female buddies. She famously enticed Brad away from his wife, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina’s second husband Billy Bob Thornton broke off his engagement to Laura Dern to elope with Jolie.

One of the few close female friends that is not deterred by Angelina's reputation is singer Gwen Stefani. Earlier this year the A-listers were spied with Gwen Stefani getting together at Gwen's home in London for a fun-filled playdate .

"Somehow Gwen and I keep ending up pregnant at the exact same time," Jolie has explained.

When asked whether she and partner Brad Pitt were planning to extend their family, she would only say: 'Nothing planned at the moment, but we just don't know. I could end up pregnant."

Jolie credits Brad with helping her juggle her career with raising children: "I have a wonderful partner in Brad and we take turns working always. Brad has expanded my life in ways I never imagined. We built a family. He is not just the love of my life, he is my family. I hold that very dear."

"I suppose what I’ve learned from Brad is to be able to have the kind of family whose happiness and well-being comes before your own. I’m very, very grateful to have such a loving family, and I wouldn’t have that without him."


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