Angelina Jolie Had a Miscarriage?


Brad Pitt has already said that he wants a soccer team of kids with his partner Angelina Jolie. Apparently, they’ve been trying — unsuccessfully.

The duo already have six kids in their rainbow nation, but have been trying for six months to add another to the mix.

Reportedly, Angelina suffered a miscarriage at the beginning of the year and has been unable to get pregnant again. A source said, “It’s been really hard for Angie lately, especially because of all the speculation that she is pregnant. Every time she sees another headline like that, it just adds to her grief that she can’t seem to conceive. She got pregnant so quickly with Shiloh and the twins, when she decided she wanted another child, she thought it would happen immediately.”

Now, Angelina is sick over the thought that she can’t get pregnant again. The spy adds, “The early miscarriage was just awful for her and since then, she hasn’t fallen pregnant - now she’s worried she never will again.”

Her doctor told her that she is fit enough for another baby and said that there’s no fathomable reason why she can’t conceive again. She has even changed her diet to try to have another little Jolie-Pitt. Rumor has it that she’s even thinking about fertility treatment. 

source: Ange’s baby loss - [grazia]

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