Angelina Jolie Directs Controversial ‘United Love Story’


Angelina Jolie is on the film set of her directorial debut movie United Love Story in Budapest. The movie takes a look at how a couple’s romance is affected during the Bosnian war.

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Originally it was said that she was not going to receive a permit to film in Bosnia but being that she is Saint Angelina and all, it looks like she got her permit after all and will be heading there in the next few weeks to continue filming. Angelina always gets what she wants. Just ask Jennifer Aniston. Meow.

According to imdb, back in October:

Cultural Minister Gavrilo Grahovac had canceled permission for Jolie to film in the country after meeting with an association of female victims of the Bosnian war who claimed that the movie presented a false portrait of such women. Jolie reportedly met with Grahovac and asked him to review the script to satisfy himself that the complaints were unwarranted. She also reportedly assured Grahovac that the film would not present any political view. Jolie has also sought a meeting with the women’s groups that had opposed the filming and planned to ask them to withhold judgement until they have seen the movie.

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