Angelina Jolie Credits Brad Pitt For Large Family


Angelina Jolie has revealed that she didn’t have any plans to have a big family until she met partner Brad Pitt.

She told OK! magazine that “At first I was thinking of adopting two children, but I wasn’t sure. “I knew I didn’t want to raise a large family on my own but when Brad came into my life and I came to know him, I discovered that he loved being a father and wanted to build a family with me. I didn’t plan on having twins either.”

The 36-year-old actress and mother also explained that raising a family with Pitt has made her fall in love with him even more, saying “When we first met I appreciated how caring, sexy and how great a friend he was to me. But I also fell in love with the man who was a very loving father and how much he enjoys spending time with the children. When I see how much love is in Brad’s eyes for the twins and for all our children, it’s a very moving experience for me. When I see him with the children it makes me love him even more.”


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